General Sales Conditions


1. Legal regulations applicable

The contractual relationship between the organising agency and the client is governed by the terms of the contract package, the technical specifications of the trip detailing its final content and by these general conditions, formulated in accordance with the provisions of the Catalan Regulations of travel agencies (Decree 168/1994, of 30 May) and the state Law of general terms and conditions (Law 7/1998 of 13 April).

2. Registration for the trip

The act of registration and travel booking consideration requires that the client has made a deposit of 40% of the total budget, except in the case of economic conditions imposed on providers of a deposit of a different amount. The remaining amount will have to be paid a maximum of 30 days prior to departure. In the event of failure of payment of the remaining amount in the previous deadline mentioned (or, if different, the one established in the budget or travel advertising in particular), it will be understood that the client gives up the trip accepting the expenses stated in condition 5 (withdrawal by the client).

3. Modification of the trip by the organiser

When the organiser is forced to significantly modify the essential elements of the trip, the agency will have to notify the client in writing as soon as possible to allow the client to choose between the cancelation of the booking or contract, with the right to full reimbursement of the amounts paid or accept the consequences of modifying the initial trip.

In the event that the customer does not communicate its decision in writing within three working days of the notification it shall be deemed the client opts for termination of the booking or the contract.

4. Contractual Conditions

The realisation of some of the trips organised by Iterri, S.L. may be conditional upon the registration of a certain number of people. The agency will inform before recruitment whether the journey in question is limited to a certain number of people. In the event that the group, is not completed, Iterri S.L can cancel the trip without compensation to the client provided that Iterri S.L informs of the matter at least 10 calendar days before the date set for the beginning of the trip.

5. Withdrawal by the customer

If the client decides to cancel the trip, after the payment of the deposit required to consider the booking accepted, the client will have to compensate the travel agency with the payment of management fees of the selling agency of 50€ per person in the case of customised trips, or 30€ per person in case of trips publicised by Iterri, S.L, the justified cancellation costs (incurred on different suppliers, tourist-wholesalers, airlines, etc) and a penalty of 5% of the total amount of the trip if the cancellation occurs between 15 and 10 calendar days prior to the date of the trip, 15% if it occurs between 10 to 3 calendar days, 25 % if cancelled in the previous 48 hours and 100% if the client does not turn up at the scheduled time for departure.

In any case, the economic consequences of the cancellation in case of special conditions of contract (such as reduced transport fares or economic requirements by certain providers) are passed on to the customer provided that these consequences appear in the contract.

Travel insurance, cancellation and airline tickets (if they are booked via the agency) are not refundable.

6. Price of the travel

The tour price includes the value added tax when applicable and is valid during the period indicated.

The price may be revised up to 20 calendar days before the date of departure in case there are variations in transport costs (including fuel costs), rates or taxes related to certain services (such as landing, boarding, disembarkment at ports and airports) and the exchange rate applied to the trip.

Travel insurance coverage and cancellation fees: If the tour package does not include travel insurance and / or cancellation, we recommend the clients to inform themselves of their coverage before hiring the trip. Also, if the package includes travel and / or cancellation insurances, inquire hiring a superior range insurance with wider coverage. You can check our insurance coverage on the website

The agency is alien to the resolutions that the insurance company determines of the incidents or claims reported by the traveler and has no responsibility on these matters. The presentation of the claim to the insurance company is responsibility of the client. Iterri, S.L stays out of these matters.

7. Accommodation establishments

The content and quality of services provided by tourist accommodation establishments are determined by the local tourist category specified in the contract or in the data sheet. In case this classification does not exist, the description and characteristics of the establishment shall be expressed in the contract.

8. Luggage

The travel agency is not responsible for any incidents related to luggage and personal effects of the clients. Transport is at the risk of the traveler.

We recommend all clients to be present when loading and unloading their luggage.

The tourist accommodation establishments, according to the specific rules, will be responsible for any incident involving luggage and personal belongings during the period of accommodation in them.

As for the air, sea or inland waterway transport, the conditions of the transportation companies apply, passenger tickets being the only binding contract between those companies and the passenger. In the event of suffering any delay, loss or damage to your luggage, the customer must present immediately (before leaving the airport or port), timely claim to the transport company.

9. Documentation

The client has the obligation to travel with a national identity card and, if required, a valid passport. No copies accepted.

The agency has the duty to inform of special documents required for entry in the country of destination (like visas, medical certificates of vaccination or health, etc.), and the client explicitly assumes both the application procedure for these documents (unless otherwise agreed with the agency) and the consequences of not presenting the required documents or having invalid documents.

Foreign clients have to ensure that they meet the requirements of visas to enter, leave and move without problems in the country of destination, and assume the consequences of failure.

All children under 18 must bear a document authorising them to make the trip, signed by both parents, the parent who has custody (in cases of separated or divorced marriages) or guardian.

10. Booking transfer

The client can transfer his booking to a third party as long as the change is communicated to the agency 15 days prior to the date of the trip and that this is not expressly prohibited by providers of different services. There are providers who can apply high management costs for this transfer of the booking, therefore, before proceeding, consult these expenses with the travel agency. Also, the agency will receive an amount of 20€ for management expenses for each transfer.

The assignee must meet the same requirements as the assignor, and both jointly are responsible for the payment to the travel agency of the travel price and the additional costs of the transfer.

11. Client health status

Because of the type of activities and trips we organise, in which it is essential to have a good level of fitness and optimum health, the client agrees to indicate to the agency any important information about their health condition, and if they follow medical treatment. The agency has the right to refuse the client if it considers that the contracted service is not appropriate for the clients health and/or if it could prevent the normal course of the trip.

Assuming that if the client does not warn of the above to the agency, and during the trip there occurs an incident that endangers the health of the client or the normal course of the trip, this can lead to the client having to abandon the trip (all extra costs will be paid by the client) with no right to reimbursement for services that have not yet been used.

12. Liability

The organising agency must respond for the consequences arising from the non-execution or poor execution of the contract in proportion to their involvement in the management of the package.

However, it shall be relieved of this responsibility when there is a force majeure (alien, abnormal and unforeseeable circumstances that neither the organising agency or suppliers have been able to avoid or when the cause is responsibility of the client or third party. As for example, the agency assumes no liability for injury, loss of services, theft, etc., derived from behaviours such as terrorism, strikes, government restrictions, or any other force majeure.

The client is obliged to inform the organising agency as soon as possible, and in writing of any default in the performance of the contract bought by the client in situ.

In group trips, the modification of the original contract is admitted provided that the alteration of the itinerary or the change of services are justified by force majeure, to ensure the safety of travellers, due to weather conditions, unforeseen impositions of providers in the area or for reasons of limited local infrastructure. Any other alteration of the route must be approved of by the group and expressly permitted by the agency.

The agency assumes no liability of contracting external providers of any services (such as plain tickets, accommodation, transfers, etc.) that are part of the client’s trip but that has not been hired by our agency. Therefore, the agency assumes no responsibility for loss of services resulting from delays, cancellations, changes in transportation, lodging, and / or any other services not directly employed by our agency.

In the case of incidents on flights (whether air transport has been hired by the agency or directly by the client), we recommend the client to request, before leaving the airport, a certificate of the delay/cancellation of the flight in which the time of departure and the time of the arrival at destination appear. All this, so that the client can claim responsibilities to the airline when the incident is not a case of a force majeure.

13. Claims

In the event that the client presents a claim, the organising agency or the selling agency, depending on the obligations that correspond to their respective field of travel management, have a period of one month from the presentation date of the claim to give a response to the client.

The client may also ask the competent authorities to intervene as mediators of the conflict. The acceptance by the travel agency of this mediation is voluntary. The travel agency will assess in each case whether to accept or not the mediation proposed by the administration at the request of the client.

If the conflict can not be resolved by any of these means, the client has the possibility to go to arbitration or to court.

The client is warned that Iterri, S.L is not adhered to the consumer arbitration system.

In case the client decides to go to court, it is noted that the limitation period of legal actions derived from the contract package is two years from the day the trip is completed or should have been completed.

14. The processing of personal data

The personal data of individuals who, on their own behalf or on behalf of legal entities contract with this agency will be retained in a database owned by Iterri, SL, which complies with necessary security measures to ensure total data security. In compliance with current legislation, the owner of the data can exercise rights of access, cancellation, rectification and opposition established in the Organic Law on Data Protection contacting: Iterri, S.L. Martí Diez street, 60 1º2ª, 08224 Terrassa.

The agency is authorized to use the data during the term of the contract and information services.

15. Contract term

These clauses of general conditions have been drawn up in Catalan in August 2, 2013 and have an indefinite validity unless modified by the agency.

16. Validity

The content of these general conditions clauses is a translation of the original in Catalan and has no legal validity but merely informative.